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Diamond City Partnership from knot just any day on Vimeo.

About the Diamond City Partnership

The Diamond City Partnership (DCP) is Wilkes-Barre’s non profit downtown management organization, serving as the caretaker of our community’s vision for Downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Diamond City Partnership

DCP was founded in 2001, when almost 1,000 citizens met in a series of public visioning sessions to craft strategies for a better Downtown. Today, DCP's work continues to improve the economic vitality and livability of Downtown Wilkes-Barre. To that end, DCP administers the Downtown Wilkes-Barre Business Improvement District (DWBBID) and Downtown Wilkes-Barre's Keystone Communities Main Street program, which together provide a range of place management services to the properties and businesses of Downtown Wilkes-Barre. We invite you to learn more about our work and our accomplishments to date.

How We Are Funded

DCP's operations are funded through DWBBID assessment revenue and contributions from local non-profit institutions. Additional funds are raised through event sponsorships, corporate contributions via Pennsylvania's Neighborhood Assistance Program, and charitable donations.

How We Are Governed

DCP is governed by a 25-member Board of Directors which includes representatives from downtown property owners, businesses, residents, educational and religious institutions, and local government. DCP is one of Pennsylvania's designated Main Street programs, and its organization and activities follow the Main Street approach.

DCP’s committees and workshops are open to everyone who is interested in volunteering their time to improve Downtown Wilkes-Barre.  To get involved, simply contact us.